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For information about arts and cultural events and sports events in Genesee County go to geneseefun.com! Please tell your friends. Word of mouth is still at the top of advertising statistics.

Regional Regranting Program

The Council’s Regional Regranting Program utilizes a network of nonprofit organizations to distribute small arts and cultural project grants called Minigrants. Each Regional Regranting agency operates within its own identified service area composed of one or more counties. Greater Flint Arts Council represents Genesee and Lapeer and Shiawassee Counties.


We require all of our guests to adhere to the following:
1. Wear a mask at all times; 2. Social Distance while in the building; 3. Refrain from all unnecessary touching of anything in the building; 4. Use hand sanitizer available at the entrance; 5. Use front door only for entrance and exit; 6. Offices are off limits for all but GFAC staff; 7. Temperature will be taken upon entry.