Arts Education


Arts Education is carried out for promoting creative expression throughout the community. The GFAC ARTSHARE Program sends local artists to Schools K-12, youth service organizations, day camps and summer camps in 8 counties to give culturally diverse, hands-on arts programs. The GFAC CITY ARTS TEAM Program uses local artists in a similar way as Artshare in community centers during the summer months.

Through the GFAC ARTSHARE Program, local artists will be sent to give culturally diverse demonstrations and “hands-on” activities in their craft to students. Each program is designed to meet the needs of the participating educational institution. Evaluation interviews are held with each recipient school to insure quality programming. ARTSHARE is available to K-12 educators in Genesee, Shiawassee, Lapeer, Gratiot, Saginaw, Tuscola, Livingston and Oakland Counties.

This program is similar to Artshare, using local artists to give demonstrations and “hand-on” activities. The City Arts Team works throughout the summer months and offers programs through community centers for children and senior citizens. Evaluation interviews are held with each recipient organization to insure quality programming and help make plans for future offerings.

GFAC offers workshops as needed in a variety of topics to aid arts administrators, marketers and fund raisers.

GFAC will continue to offer technical assistance in the coming year through the ARTS INCUBATOR program, TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS and COLLABORATIONS with other non-profit agencies. Our knowledgeable and talented staff are available for consultations throughout the year in all areas of arts/cultural and non-profit development.