Information & Referral


All the arts, cultural and educational agencies in the greater Flint area inform GFAC of the cultural programs and events they offer. This makes GFAC rich in information about arts and cultural opportunities. Also, national, state and local agencies send information to GFAC. Through our website, bi-monthly newsletter, press release and our highly publicized information line (238-ARTS), GFAC is able to share this information with our community. GFAC’s prominently displayed brochure rack and kiosk are also well used information sources.

The GFAC newsletter, entitled “Where’s Art?” is published bi-monthly. This handsome publication contains listings of art events, articles about local artists, programs sponsored by GFAC, paying opportunities for local artists and opportunities for the public to become involved in the arts. The GFAC newsletter is distributed to our over 700 members, and is available by calling 810-238-ARTS.

Our latest addition to GFAC communications is our interactive website, Visit this site for the latest in arts and cultural activities throughout Genesee County. You can list your events there too!

And since you mentioned it, hey, we think this web site is pretty nifty too!